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Lake St. Clair CISMA

The Lake St. Clair (LSC) Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) was established in Macomb and St. Clair counties through the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program in 2015. The LSC CISMA is a collaborative effort to enhance ecosystem functions and enrich ecosystem services through invasive species prevention, detection, management, and outreach. All of this is achieved through the actions of a full time Coordinator and field Technicians collaborating with LSC CISMA partners, including its fiduciary since 2018 Six Rivers Land Conservancy.

The LSC CISMA goals are to:
1) Prevent the spread of invasive species and reduce their environmental and economic impacts
2) Detect invasive species occurrences to guide management, outreach, and restoration
3) Educate citizens and practitioners on invasive species issues, impacts, and more!

Invasive species are organisms that are not native and whose introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan’s economy, environment, wildlife, and/ or human health. Economic impacts of invasive species include reduced property values, degradation of infrastructure, public safety hazards, and loss of land use. Environmental impacts of invasive species include loss of biodiversity, loss of habitat, and altered nutrient cycles, hydrology, and topographies. The LSC CISMA prioritizes outreach, education, and management of certain invasive species with high potential for negative impacts. These include: invasive Phragmites, Black Swallow-wort, Pale Swallow-wort, Japanese knotweed, Giant knotweed, European frog bit, and Flowering rush. The CISMA is also on high alert for state watch list species like Spotted Lanternfly, Red Swamp Crayfish, and Water Lettuce.


Cities, Villages and Townships:
Chesterfield Township
Clay Township
Charter Township of Clinton
Charter Township of Harrison
Ira Township
Macomb Township
Ray Township
Shelby Township
City of Sterling Heights
Washington Township

County Organizations:
Macomb County Planning and Economic Development
Macomb County Public Works Office
Macomb County Department of Roads
St. Clair County Department of Planning
St. Clair County Health Department
St. Clair County NPDES MS4 Advisory Group for the NE Belle River and Anchor Bay Watersheds
St. Clair County Parks & Recreation

Non-profit Organizations:
Blue Waters Conservation District
Clinton River Watershed Council
Friends of the St. Clair River
Huron Clinton Metropark Authorities
Oakland University
Six Rivers Land Conservancy
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy
The Stewardship Network

Is your community or organization not listed here? Talk to us about how to join the LSC CISMA!

Contact Us

Amanda Ruffini
CISMA Coordinator
Six Rivers Land Conservancy
Ph: 989-326-1413

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