Barry, Calhoun and Kalamazoo CISMA

Early detection of and rapid response to invasive species is a major objective of the BCK CISMA. The BCK CISMA has also received funding to hire a "Strike Team" to begin surveys and respond to populations of high priority invasive species.

The BCK CISMA is currently building a list of stakeholders. Please contact the BCK CISMA coordinator with your name, organization, and any contact information you are willing to share. Also, please identify what should remain private and what can be public. If you know of someone who would like to be in contact with the CISMA, please contact CISMA coordinator.

  • Collaborator Identification, Invitation, and Participation
  • Form a Steering Committee
  • Strategic Plan
  • Annual Operating Plan
  • Inter-CISMA Collaboration
  • Establish a Regional GIS Database
  • Workshops
  • Action: Many Invasive Species Identification and Treatments

Invasive species can teach us a lot about unintended consequences and the importance of identifying the upstream and downstream effects of our actions. Navigating through complex systems reminds us that there is still much more to know and better inform our decisions. As a part of these interconnected systems, we collectively become the upshot; course correcting towards the better.

Contact Us

Ryan Koziatek
Kalamazoo Nature Center
Ph: 269-491-0488

County Contacts Invasive Outreach Educators (IOEs)

Sarah Nelson
Barry County IOE
Barry County Conservation District

Brooke Mainville
Calhoun County IOE
Calhoun Conservation District
269-781-4867, ext. 5

Bridgett Bell
Kalamazoo County IOE
Kalamazoo County Conservation District

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